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A Day in the Life of a Work Order (Maintenance Request)

Maintenance requests are submitted by the tenants via the online Tenant Portal in Apfolio. Those requests are sent to our entire team. Uptown Properties employs a maintenance coordinator. She reviews the work orders sent in by the tenants. She will try to trouble shoot with tenants to help diagnose the problem and/or solve the problem. She will gather additional information, photos as needed. She will send the work order to the owner for approval if it exceeds the maintenance limit set by the owner. Then, the work order will be sent to one of our 3 full-time maintenance men who will schedule directly with the tenant. When the job is completed, they will let the maintenance coordinator know. She will close the order and let the owner know the job has been completed. This information can be accessed at any time if needed in the future. Hours are billed at current Uptown Construction Rates. Our owners will receive a 10% discount. If a problem comes up that has a negative impact on the tenants quality of living, the problem will be dealt with right away. Some jobs require an outside vendor. We work with only licensed and bonded vendors. We bill a 15% oversight charge for repairs and maintenance work contracted outside of our office when they are $500 or more. The owner will receive a detailed invoice that is billed to their property from Uptown Construction DBA Shepard Brothers Management - our construction company through their owner portal. This invoice will be attached to the monthly owner statement that it corresponds with.

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