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Buy & Hold | Oct 2018 - Present

Small multi-family (2-4 units)

Purchase price: $635,000.00

Cash invested: $190,500.00

Monthly cashflow: $7,500.00

Brrrrr..... Bought as a 2 unit, developed 3rd unit. Will rent for $7500 total. 190k down payment, 200k in construction. Refinance valuation at 1.2m pulling, 900k at .75 LTV of which 470k will be cash back.

Buy & Hold | Jul 2011 - Present

Small multi-family (2-4 units)

Purchase price: $225,000.00

Cash invested: $40,000.00

First real multifamily for our, a duplex. At this point, we really do feel like our tastes are getting eclectic. This property has a lot of challenges to it, with 4 flights of stairs and built on a cliff, the views are really good. We actually have this property up for sale right now, we want to 1031 into a 4-unit property. If you know anyone that wants some good cashflow, let us know!

Buy & Hold | Jan 2011 - Present

Single-family residence in Portland, OR

Purchase price: $175,000.00

Monthly cashflow: $2,495.00

Great property that we picked up from an estate. Negotiated the price down quite a bit. It's in an incredible part of the town next to the river and walking distance to a lot of town. There was a lot of trash in it to begin with, but once it was all cleaned up, some paint and new carpet turned out to be a great rental.

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